R&D AND Support

The success story of us is attributed to R&D efforts on newer products and applications and quality assurance. Equipped with sophisticated instruments, our team of research scientists with their innovative approach and product knowledge, develop products to meet customer’s growing demands for best performance at reduced cost and with longer shelf life.

Our research and development center which is fully dedicated to quality standardization, product development and process standardization. The group is also equipped with team of technically and commercially qualified professionals.

Quality Policy as defined in ISO-9001:2015 Certification

The Employees of UNITOP CHEMICALS makes the personal commitment to manufacture affordable Quality Specialty Chemicals to satisfy Customers as per their Needs, Expectations of Quality, Safety, Reliability, Timely Delivery, After Sales Service & Reduced Customer Complaints in the Domestic as well as International Markets which shall be our CHERISHED GOAL.

This commitment is based on Establishing, Implementing and Maintaining an Effective Quality Management System that are continually being improved as per the requirements of ISO-9001:2015.


Our rigorous process control system and stringent on-line checks, monitor product quality and performance at all stages. Our Technical Services Cell, in close co-ordination with our R&D Cell, continuously monitors customer problems and also assists our customers in cost reduction by recommending optimum usage of our emulsifiers.